About us


We are fully committed to the idea of ​​a viable future that leads to a reversal in engineering philosophy – a reversal relying on “green” technologies. New times are coming, times of eco-friendliness, efficiency, cyber-technology. These three principles are based on our plans. Plans for the construction of transport infrastructure – charging and services for electric vehicles. And our first step is to design and manufacture high-tech charging stations.

More about our team

Our team is made up of young people with new and fresh ideas who benefit from the concentrated experience of proven professionals. We have focused our efforts on developing new models of Smart Chargers. They will pave the way for the accelerated entry of electric vehicles – cars, buses, trucks and other electric-powered vehicles. Our team is ready for the challenges of dealing with pollution, not just locally. The harmful gases of oil used so far are dangerous to the health of us all. We will do our utmost to provide a more complete range of electric vehicle services through our platform. This type of service will change the current environment to a cleaner and more comfortable environment in which we will all live.


Production facilities


And even more…

We expect more young people to join us, because together we can do more! Let us all be united in a cause to build a new world that is greener, cleaner and cozier.
We bet on the green! Will you bet too?