Opening speech from the Head of the team



We have often been asked why we do things this way, why we simply do not copy a ready charging station, but invest our time in unfamiliar experiments and years of research. These questions were asked by our friends one year after we announced that we had formed a team and we are developing a charging station. After another year, no one still believed that the team will be able to design and develop a fast charging station. And we were still not  making a charging station. We were on the stage of engineering…
The process of creating a brand new product, when no design methodologies are developed, requires a lot of research to build the basis of known engineering – methodologies, manuals, specialized software for designing these products, test machines and many other things that require huge efforts and serious financial resources. Our team managed to achieve this goal in 5 years and now we have to finish what has been started and to offer not only the new product, but also the necessary engineering tool in order to be able to design the new  fast  charging stations in a qualitative and fast way
We did it not only for us. We did it so other teams could design it.
And here we offer some pictures from the long process …

Idea – simulation, idea – simulation

until we reach the desired result


Some times the desired result looked like that!


First 3D model and …..

And again simulations and analyses

After that come the first results ….. And the optimization begins

More optimization

And after months of optimization

First experimental model

And first 500 test charges

Now we are ready for the marker, after successfully passed all tests and received laboratory protocols


Finishing line is still ahead of us.


A manual for designing fast charging stations for electric vehicles is to be prepared and presented.


… the team now has to develop new and more advanced models …..